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  • Zack Krause
    General Manager

  • Kevin Kossick
    Sales Manager

  • Michael Laws
    Finance Manager

    I was born and raised in Honolulu, HI and have been with Angela Krause Lincoln for 3 months. My favorite vehicle is the Black Label Navigator. I like to snowboard during the winter and mountain bike during warmer weather.

  • Dre Armenakian
    Sales Consultant

    I have been with the Angela Krause for 9 months. My favorite vehicle is the Lincoln Black Label Aviator. I am Armenian, a Marine Corps veteran and love to play basketball & soccer. 

  • Ray Lacomba
    Sales Consultant

    I was raised in Columbia SC and come from a family of 9 siblings one of which is my identical twin!  We are from Puerto Rico, my father was in the military and was transferred to Fort Jackson in the mid 50's.  When my father retired as a Lieutenant Colonel in 1965, he decided to keep the family in SC.  I think it was a great idea.  So many wonderful memories of Columbia SC. 

    When I was just 20 years old, I made a bold move to New York City where I stayed for the next 35 years.  

    I had a very colorful life in New York to say the least.  I was in the Limo business from the mid 1980's until 1993 when I gave it up.  Our accounts are primarilys in the entertainment industry so I met hundreds of well known celebrities and actually befriended a few who I remain friends with now.  You see, my main account was the David Letterman show, we took care of transportation for all of their guests.  That was an amazing gig, I feel so fortunate to have been able to do that.

    On the day I decided to retire from that industry, I went to Port Motors on Long Island, Roslyn to be exact.  They sold Lincoln, Mercury and Subaru.

    Even though I had never sold cars, I already had a lifelong love affair with them so selling them seemed to be a natural move. With 30 years in the business, I can say I finally found my home, Angela Krause Lincoln. 

  • Lonnie Peplau
    Sales Consultant

    I have to say that it would be hard to find someone who is more passionate about cars and delivering premier customer service than I am. I grew up in a family who loved the Ford brand, and my dad worked at a Ford dealership service department when I was growing up. That was the foundation that fueled my passion for cars and racing from my earliest recollection. 

    Trained as a mechanic, I also managed and ran a technical department for the NMCA and NMRA Drag Racing Series. I am certified by the SFI in three sanctioned drag racing series and also in safety and extraction. I received my certification while building a professional career as a retail store manager for a Publix Super Market for many years.

    Circling back to my roots while bringing along my experiences, training, skills and knowledge, I am proud to be back home at a family-owned Ford Motor Company dealership here at Angela Krause Lincoln. What's my favorite vehicle on our lot? My current vehicle of choice is the Lincoln Aviator Black Label in Flight Blue Metallic exterior. It is truly an amazing design and incredible drive.

  • Neville Orridge
    Lincoln Client Adviser